Heat interface units for direct metering

GE556-3 Heat interface unit for domestic water production

GE556-3 Heat interface unit for domestic water production

Heat interface unit (HIU) with heat exchanger for the production of domestic hot water.
- Heat exchanger for the instantaneous production of domestic hot water.
- Thermostatic mixer.
- Static balancing valve.
- Check valve NF approved on the domestic water circuit.
- Pre-arrange for installing a thermal energy meter and a domestic water meters.
- Max. working temperature: 90 °C
- Max. working pressure: 16 bar
- Max. working temperature: 30 °C (cold side)
- Max. working pressure: 10 bar

Dimensions and notes
- GE556Y152: 330 x 295 x 120 mm
Only for domestic water production (56 kW)

To complete the GE556-3 HIU, the following may be ordered separately:
- Thermal energy meter, GE552 series.
- Domestic water meters, GE552-2 series.
- Components for M-Bus data centralization (GE552-4 series), or Wireless M-Bus data centralization (GE552-W series).


Code Size BIM(revit) CAD(dxf) Certification
GE556Y152 G 3/4"F 1 0 - -


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