Dirt and hydraulic separators

Compact magnetic filter-dirt separator
Under-boiler magnetic dirt separator
Magnetic dirt separator
Dirt separator
Hydraulic separator with female threaded or flanged connections
Hydraulic separator with magnet
Magnetic kit for R146C dirt separator
Adjustable fitting with nut
Maintenance wrench for R146C dirt separator
Drain cock for R146C dirt separator
Magnetic kit for dirt separator and hydraulic separators
Insulation for R146D, R146M, R146C dirt separators
Polyphosphate proportioner with integrated automatic by-pass
Kit of 5 replacement cartridges for R142DP
Acid condensate neutralizer for condensation boilers
Recharge kit for condensate neutralization R143N
PROTECT-UNIVERSAL is a special rust and scale inhibitor, for high and low temperature systems
CLEAN is a neutral, quick and effective cleaning product for heating systems
REMOVE-RAPID Non-acid concentrated product for removal of scales, dirt and oxides in heating systems
2IN1 Special non-acid descaling, sludge removal, cleaning, anti-corrosion and sanitizing fluid