Heat Interface Unit (HIU) with differential pressure control valve

Heat Interface Unit (HIU) for centralized systems, for managing high/low temperature heating and domestic hot water production.
- Heat exchanger for instantaneous production of domestic hot water
- Flow switch for domestic hot water priority control
- Motorized three-way diverting valve
- Self-modulating circulator complying with Directive ErP 2009/125/EC (only for GE556Y322-323)
- Static balancing valve (only for GE556Y320-321)
- Thermostatic valve for adjusting the domestic hot water and heating temperature
- By-pass on the domestic primary side to keep the exchanger warm
- Automatic air vent valve with hygroscopic gasket, filter and pressure gauge on the primary side
- Safety pressure switch for low pressure on the primary side (only for GE556Y322-323)
- Differential pressure control valve on the primary side
- Safety valve with electrical actuator on the heating side
- Box with terminal board for electric connections
- Brass spacers for installation of thermal energy meter and domestic water meter
- Max. working temperature: 90 °C
- Max. working pressure: 6 bar (for low temperature versions); 16 bar (for high temperature versions)
- Dimensions (L x H x D): 450 x 630 x 180 mm

To complete the GE556-4 HIU, the following may be ordered separately:
- Thermal energy meter, GE552 series
- Domestic water meter, GE552-2 series
- Templates for installation in worksite
- Components for M-Bus data centralization (GE552-4 series)<(>,<)>
or Wireless M-Bus data centralization (GE552-W series)

Product Code Size Pack Single Pack Multiple
GE556Y320 3/4" - heating high temp./SW 1 -
GE556Y321 3/4" - heating high temp./SW 1 -
GE556Y322 3/4" - heating low temp./SW 1 -
GE556Y323 3/4" - heating low temp./SW 1 -
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