Radiant systems

Radiation is the most natural physical principle for heat and cold exchange and therefore the most respectful of health and well-being of the person. Our radiant systems are all inspired to this principle. They are all designed, engineered and manufactured in-house.

Energy management

Our passion for energy is another of our early refrains. Energy management in Giacomini means engineering components for hot and cold fluids distribution allowing you to account for your energy consumption, that keep energy efficiency in mind.

Water management

Water has always been our “other passion”. Water, hot or cold, is an increasingly valuable resource - we distribute and manage it keeping in mind health, safety, energy efficiency and, above all, the end user.

Gas distribution

Managing fluids is what we do, including those with a certain degree of risk such as gas. This expertise was put to use to develop products and distribution systems suitable for safe and efficient gas distribution into homes and buildings.

Renewable sources

We were born with water, the element symbolizing life. Because of this we constantly keep an eye on the environment, and we have developed a range of “ad hoc” components and systems, dedicated to renewable energies.

Fire protection

Water remains the most effective and the least expensive agent against fire. We master the use of the water and for over forty years we have been manufacturing specialized top performance components for the fire protection industry.

New products in our catalogue

SPIDER and SPIDER SLIM preformed panels for systems with thin screed

KLIMADOMOTIC TRV & RAD: control unit with touch screen for climatic control

KLIMADOMOTIC TRV & RAD: temperature/humidity or temperature only wireless sensors

KLIMADOMOTIC-RAD: actuator module of the radiant system hydraulic component

KLIMADOMOTIC-TRV: wireless chronothermostat for radiators

Multifunction boiler room manifold, with hydraulic separator function

Sector mixing valve female-female or flanged connections

Differential pressure control valve

Magnetic dirt separator

Six-way zone valve with male threaded ISO 228 connections

Preformed flat insulation panel for radiant floor systems

Satellite with differential pressure control valve

Compact automatic filling unit

Wireless M-Bus data centralization

M-Bus data centralization

Preformed insulation panel

Thermostatic head with liquid sensor, CLIP CLAP connection

Thermostatic head with liquid sensor, connection M30 x 1,5 mm



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