New products in our catalogue

Angle valve with thermostatic option with dynamic flow balancing

Static balancing valves, threaded or flanged connections

SPIDER and SPIDER SLIM preformed panels for systems with thin screed

KLIMADOMOTIC TRV & RAD: control unit with touch screen for climatic control

KLIMADOMOTIC TRV & RAD: temperature/humidity or temperature only wireless sensors

KLIMADOMOTIC-RAD: actuator module of the radiant system hydraulic component

KLIMADOMOTIC-TRV: wireless chronothermostat for radiators

Multifunction boiler room manifold, with hydraulic separator function

Sector mixing valve female-female or flanged connections

Differential pressure control valve

Magnetic dirt separator

Six-way zone valve with male threaded ISO 228 connections

Wireless M-Bus data centralization

M-Bus data centralization



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