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New Giacomini R586R distribution and regulation units

Giacomini R586R distribution and regulation units


The ideal setting for every application. Perfect flexibility for every system.

Giacomini R586R distribution units are used in heating and cooling systems including two or more zones. They are generally installed after the heat generator to connect one or more system zones and are available in multiple versions to satisfy a wide range of installation needs. R586R distribution units include: circulation pump, two shut-off ball valves with integrated thermometers in the knob, check valve on return circuit, insulation rigid shell with wall-mounting plate and, based on the version, a mixing valve. Every model features versions without circulator. All versions are pre-assembled and ready for use. A differential by-pass kit (R284Y021) can be installed between delivery and return outlets of all models.

The R586SEP multifunction boiler room manifold completes the system as it provides for in series installation of two R586SEP manifolds and, in turn, installation of multiple R586R units to satisfy various installation needs. The manifold includes an adjustable hydraulic separator, an automatic air vent valve, a drain cock and insulation.