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Discover our R206A pressure indipendent control valve

An unbalanced plant is basically an inefficient plant.  The purpose of balancing is to provide the right amount of thermal energy in every part of the installation. Giacomini has a complete range of balancing valves for HVAC systems, going from static balancing valves over dynamic pressure independent control valves (PICV) to differential pressure control valves (DPCV). On ISH 2021, we are presenting 3 new balancing devices:

  • Radiator valves with dynamic flow control
  • Manifolds with dynamic flow control
  • Compact PICV valves

 Compact PICV valvesDouble flow adjustment scale (Low and High), good control with simple actuators due to unique pressure compensation feature, extremely compact and zero leakage. These are just some of the unique featuresof the new patented pressure independent control valve by Giacomini.This solution helps to simplify the work of designers and installers by providing both maximum comfort and energy efficiency, particularly in larger systems.