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Giacomini Spider

giacomini spider radiant floor system


The radiant floor system easy to install also when renovating. A flexible, pratical and cutting-edge solution.

Giacomini Spider  is designed to satisfy the growing need of installing radiant floor systems with very reduced thicknesses: the perfect solution for renovation requirements. The system is also available with the special Spider plastic panels where pipes with a 16-18 mm diameter are installed to ensure a reduced heat loss while developing circuits identical to the more traditional versions.

Giacomini Spider, the thin, sturdy and versatile grid with its patented geometry enables to completely submerge the radiant system in the screed -only 3 cm in total- thus ensuring a uniform distribution of thermal energy. Available in various configurations: with adesive base for easy application on existing floors, for embedding in the insulation layer already installed on site, with insulation layer.


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All  systems guarantee an extremely reduced thermal inertia.


• perfect for renovation works: reduced thicknesses available for installation

• reduced thermal inertia

• panels with high mechanical resistance

• use of standard diameter pipes

(from 16 to 18 mm)