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R146C Dirt separator



Removes impurities. And a lot of problems. The new cutting-edge R146C dirt separator just changes everything. Its compact design allows for easier installation and service, offering a wider range of ways to clean the system: classic filtering, magnetic action and cyclonic effect. Wellness has never had a more efficient ally. For your work and for people’s comfort.


The water flow runs through the dirt separator by means of the special adjustable fitting and it is channelled into the cyclonic insert, where a whirling motion enhances particle separation; this area is also equipped with a magnet able to retain most metallic impurities. At the base of the cyclonic device is a stainless-steel filter which holds impurities decanting from the insert on the bottom of the dirt separator. The product is equipped with an adjustable discharge valve for easier cleaning. On top of the separator is also a bleed screw to release the air from the system after the first star t-up.

The 3/4” version of the magnetic dirt separator is the ideal solution to fit the device under the boiler in those situations typical of  requalification interventions with new condensation boilers, where
space is generally very limited.
The powerful magnet captures the ferrous residues; the stainlesssteel mesh offers the traditional filtering action. But there’s more…The cyclonic action enhances the sedimentation and cleaning stage. A special piece specifically positioned inside the brass body forces water into a vortex movement (that is like a cyclone) which by centrifugal force pushes the solid particles against the cyclone walls and then downwards by gravity. After covering the descending tract of the spiral, the water flow climbs up and exits the dirt separator clean, while the debris are held on the bottom of the device.
Handy (to install and service)
Thanks to the adjustable side fitting unit, connection between the boiler and the system is much easier under any circumstance. In addition, the adjustable drain tap makes periodical discharge operations simpler.


Use of magnetic dirt separators in heating systems is crucial to avoid deposits of ferrous debris harmful for both the heat generator and other components. Such problem does not affect exclusively old and reconditioned systems, but also new ones as radiator and towel rail manufactures cannot remove machining scraps completely. Many boiler manufactures offer special indications or provide for the use of filters and dirt separators in their technical documentation. The use of the magnetic dirt separator positioned either on the side or on another point of the system to remove all circulating impurities could also affect the generator warranty. To satisfy this ever-growing demand, we added the new R146C to our range of dirt separators.
The compact R146C dirt separator is a device installed on the hydraulic system return circuit to eliminate impurities from the system water and protect the boiler and the circulators. The product removes all dirt particles inside the circuits thanks to the combined action of a magnet, the flow cyclonic movement and the stainlesssteel
filter (double filtering system).
It is an essential product to prevent malfunctions or an affected performance of the boiler and circulators caused by impurities in the hydraulic system water. Giacomini offers a solution guaranteeing
reduced dimensions, various installation options and first-class technical performances.