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Spider Slim


Your freedom to renovate begins where Spider Slim ends.

Spider Slim R979S is a reliable and high performance panel with a molded 3D grid made from high-resistance polypropylene.kf

The patented 3D grid allows the pipe to fit firmly during installation and embed completely in the screed, ensuring an even distribution of heat and a low degree of thermal inertia. Spider Slim is available in two versions: R979SY005 with adhesive base for gluing on concrete or existing floors, and R979SY025, with high-density insulation.

Both versions can be used with self-levelling, anhydrite and classic sand-concrete screeds. The screed height can be determined from the panel base as the cement mix self-levels easily within the tridimensional grid.

As well as the minimum geometric limits set by Giacomini; installers must strictly follow the screed manufacturer's guidelines on thicknesses and laying procedures, provided within their technical sheets.

And now ... Let’s play !! By clicking on the button #playwith, you will access the platform and, by entering your e-mail in the form, you can have fun virtually laying the Giacomini red pipe on the slim spider panel. Please find the rankings of the best on our social channels!


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