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R145XC new magnetic dirt separator filter


The extra-compact and extra-performing device that removes all impurities in the heating system

Extraordinary performance and practical installation even in the smallest spaces with the new Giacomini R145XC magnetic dirt separator filter, the extra compact solution designed to offer the best of Giacomini technology in a device so small it can fit in the palm of your hand.
Equipped with a special connection fitting with two inlets, the R145XC dirt separator filter can be installed in any position (vertical, horizontal or slanted) under the boiler and, thanks to the combined action of the high-performance magnet and the large metal filter, it effectively eliminates all impurities present in the system's hydrauli  circuit, while reducing the amount of maintenance required. Energy efficiency is also at an all-time high with the R145XC dirt separator filter. Compared to other compact solutions available in the market, the device designed by Giacomini operates with a significantly higher Kv value, so it guarantees a low pressure drop and lower power consumption by the circulator.
The R145XC's anti-emptying system makes cleaning particularly easy. The dirt separator filter is equipped with a shut-off ball valve and a check valve which allow the device to be completely isolated and cleaned without draining the system.