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DB thermostatic radiator valve with dynamic balancing


Comfort at every level

The new R401DB is the  evolution of our renowned radiator valves to ensure comfort and energy efficiency at the highest levels.

DB thermostatic radiator valves are provided with an integrated cartridge that adjusts and limits the flow rate to preset values. Regardless of changes in system pressure, the flow rate of the valve will be limited to the preset value. Within a minimum and maximum differential pressure range, this operation is completely independent from the differential pressure. Complicated calculations for pressure drops and balancing are no longer required, as the desired flow rate can be set directly on the cartridge using the R73P key. This simplifies the installation process and reduces the time required to commissioning the system. These characteristics are extremely important in new systems and even more so in renovations, where system parameters may be unknown to planners and installers.

When other thermostatic valves start to close, the flow rate can increase to valves left open. To avoid exceeding the flow rate that has been preset on the valve, the cartridge membrane automatically responds to changes in system pressure by reducing the surface area of the valve in order to limit the flow rate to the preset value. Similarly, if the flow rate reduces as other valves start to open, the membrane expands the surface area and the flow rate increases up to the preset value.